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Quanxing Machining Group Co., Ltd holds interim quality work conference.

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Interim quality work conference representatives are listening to quality report of every department

In July 8, Wei Tiancai of quality control department host the interim quality work conference, principals from the entire department attended the conference. The conference theme is “comparing for goals, finding gap, bearing responsibilities, changing attitudes, emancipating mind and realizing goals”. Analyze the quality loss in first half year and find the responsibilities. He pointed out that the key to improve the quality is to enhance the quality credit consciousness of every department. To make a scientific analysis of quality problem, refining process control, finding responsibilities, perfecting management process to realize the high-end development goals of company.


Quality control department Wei Tiancai host the meeting

Every departments and branches, leaders of Zhejiang Kafurui, Guanxi Yuchai Quanxing seriously analyze the quality loss inside and outside. This conference strengthens the quality responsibility consciousness and honesty management principle of all the staffs. Many departments conduct the quality control training and rigorous evaluation, the personnel quality, the work environment and management process are highly improved. Those vivid examples show that finding responsibilities, intensifying supervising, are the key to improve the quality work.


Quanxing Group EDGM Li Feipeng is addressing in the meeting

Quanxing Group Executive Vice General Manager Li Feipeng pointed out: to make a scientific analysis and judgment of the quality problem. As the new product development, new process, new materials, and new equipments applied to grabbing the market; in some degree the quality loss is inevitable. We should proceed with confidence, summing up experience and lessons, taking it seriously. Also he figured out three targeted requirements in improving the quality work.

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